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QEMU patches


QEMU is a fast open source processor emulator and virtual machine by Fabrice Bellard. Have a look at the QEMU home page for detailed information. Below are some patches I wrote to fix and improve several things. You can apply them against a CVS snapshot of the given date by typing cd qemu ; gzip -dc PATCH.diff.gz | patch -p0 on the command line.


2007-05-05 3dnow.diff.gz
adds emulation of the AMD 3DNow! and Extended 3DNow! instruction set, and also adds the CPUID bit for Extended MMX

2006-05-21 cocoa-fix.diff.gz
Cocoa: add prototype of setAppleMenu to avoid compiler warnings on Mac OS X 10.4

2006-05-21 cocoa-keycodes.diff.gz
Cocoa: fix and complete keycode map for Apple USB keyboards

2006-05-16 keymap-install.diff.gz
the separate keymaps are only used, when QEMU is built with the SDL front-end; so we can avoid bloated installations of non-SDL builds (e.g. Cocoa) with this small patch

Older patches:

2006-05-21 cocoa-monitor.diff.gz
Cocoa monitor: fix a crash that occurs, when pressing a dead key; make keys HOME, END, and DELETE work (included into QEMU 0.8.2)

2006-03-28 sse3.diff.gz
adds emulation of SSE3 instructions (included into QEMU 0.8.1)

2006-02-06 pc-speaker.diff.gz
adds PC speaker emulation (tone generation only) by playing square waves through the host's sound card (included into QEMU 0.8.1)


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interpreter, audio, and VGA patches (by malc)

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